Turning conversation to action to better prepare young people for their futures


The Big Education Conversation is a national initiative, empowering communities locally to better prepare young people for their futures.

By bringing diverse groups of people together in open and productive conversations, communities can make the most of their potential to take action for young people.

We connect these local conversations together across the country, to learn from each other and to create a bigger movement for change.


Why do we need the big Education conversation?

We know that across England more can be done to better prepare young people for their futures, and that everyone has a role to play in this.

There currently aren’t the spaces to bring communities together around this issue; to learn what’s already happening locally, share ideas and take action together.

By bringing together parents, teachers, young people, employers and the wider community in productive conversations, communities are enabled to take action.

What is our ambition over the next three years?

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 Running events on local priorities


We will support 100 places over three years to host BEC events which bring together people, ideas and expertise. These events can focus broadly on how to better prepare young people for their futures or on a particular sub-issue which is a priority for that community.



Designed and run by volunteers


BECs will be led by a team of local volunteers in each place- anyone from parents or teachers to local authorities can become a BEC Changemaker. We support these teams to ensure their conversations are productive, engaging and bring together diverse participants.



Strengthened by partnerships


The Big Education Conversation is supported and strengthened by national partner organisations. These partners can provide examples of how communities can better prepare young people for their futures or encourage their members to become participants.

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 Leading to different forms of action 


Events are designed so that conversations are just the start and that taking action
is the focus. Action could be individually led- doing something you’re already doing more effectively or collaboratively. Or action could be collectively-led- with everyone taking action around a specific local priority.



Local volunteers connected nationally


Through running Big Education Conversation as a national initiative, lots of local events can become bigger than the sum of their parts. We are creating a Changemaker Community of Practice, where BEC Changemakers can learn from each other on how best to host events and support follow up action in their communities.



Changing people’s mindsets 


As The Big Education Conversation happens across the country, we can connect the 1000’s of people who are taking part locally, beginning to create a mindset shift towards a more future-focused approach to education in England.

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